The songs are in their eyes.

Music has the ability to move us in ways like no other. It elicits feelings we didn’t know existed within us.

The beautiful music that we’ve made here at SCC in 2022 has been delightful. We’ve expanded our community partnerships and improved our facilities – all in the name of serving more students, better.

In this edition, we learn how SCC is providing opportunity for expression and exploration through our expanding music department, we read about how SCC provided a path for one very motivated young lady to fast-track her college career, we learn how one woman is making the best of her education to fulfill a dream, and we recognize the hundreds of people from all across the region and country who believe in us and support our efforts.

Everyone here has a unique story, and each of those stories comes together like a thousand different harmonies that magically transform into a single chorus. And while I may not hear an actual note, I’ve come to know the song by heart.

Pride. Confidence. Optimism. I see those songs on students’ faces every day here at SCC.

It is a beautiful song that only gets better each time I hear it. I hope one day you’ll join me. Then you might hear it, too.