Donor List 2022

Cumulative Giving Societies as of June 30, 2022
Dates indicate the year donors qualified for membership in a giving society.

1982 to 6/30/22 (Cumulative)
$1,000,000 +

Great River Health Systems 2016
Lawrence W. and Marilyn Matteson 2012
Imogene M. Nuding Estate 2014
Winegard Foundation – Randy Winegard 2018
John H. Witte, Jr. Foundation 2015
Clifford Lloyd and Winona Rynott Yohe Trust 1991

1982 to 6/30/22 (Cumulative)
$100,000 – $999,999

John and Judy Arledge 2016
Dorothy M Blind Estate 2006
Joseph Concannon Family Charitable Foundation 2018
Fort Madison Community Hospital 2015
Great River Entertainment, LLC 2017
Dorothy M. Horsley Estate 1996
Scott McAllister Estate 2020
Mary J. Moore and John Schuldt 2016
OCI Iowa Fertilizer Company 2016
Elizabeth and Keith Renner Estate 2022
Donald M. Roasa 2018
Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center 2022
Standard of Beaverdale – Schwenker Family 2017
Ruth C. Stein in memory of Irvin M. Stein 2017
Dr. Edward C. Stone 2013
Alice and Dr. Herbert Tjaden 2017
Two Rivers Bank and Trust 2010
Craig A. Upton / KPI Concepts 2015
US Bank 2007
Geraldine Wickhart Bequest 2017
Winegard Foundation – Randy Winegard 2007
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Wittkamp 2018

1982 to 6/30/22 (Cumulative)
$10,000 – $99,999

David Acord 2015
Mark A. Aldrich Estate 1987
Allen Blasting and Coating, Inc. 2016
Alliant Energy Foundation 2018
American Ordnance-Mason and Hangar – Silas Mason Co. 1989
Joy and Gene Anderson 2019
Anonymous 2015
John and Judy Arledge 2000
Dr. Michael and Beth Ash 2015
Dr. Bonnie J. Bachman 2022
Jim Baier, Inc 2015
Darlys Baum 2016
Agnes V. Benstein Charitable Foundation 1998
Jack L. Birkenstock Estate – Frances Birkenstock 2003
Keith and Ruth Ann Boyer 2022
Edyth and Clem Bresch 2005
Brockway Mechanical and Roofing Company 2016
Eva Brown Memorial – Tim A. Brown 2005
Robert E. Brueck 2016
Charles Buckman and Mary Ellen Buckman Estate-Sandra (Buckman) Cornish 1996
Ionia J. Buescher Estate – Sheila Waldorf 2003
Rick Buller / Financial Services, LLC 2016
Burlington Trailways 2018
Kevin and Liz Carr 2015
Case Corporation and Tenneco 1990
Casebine Credit Union 2016
Catfish Bend Casinos II, LLC 2015
John and Paulette Cavanah 2012
Christ Episcopal Church 2016
Gretchen Clave 2016
CNH Corporation 2003
Michael and Teresa Colgan 2015
Joseph Concannon Family Charitable Foundation 2005
Connections Bank and Insurance 2016
Jerry and Pat Courtney 2010
CPA Associates PC 2016
Dr. LeRoy Crist 2000
Grace Dame Memorial – Don and Karen Kuechmann 2005
Danville Telecom 2016
Mary E. Davis Trust 1996
Deery Brothers 2004
Gretchen and Frank J. Delaney 2016
Dr. Anil Dhuna and Sadhna Jani/Neurology and Sleep Clinic PLC 2017
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dimond in memory of Andrew and Vera Dimond 1994
DLR Group 2017
Frances M. Dodds in memory of Senator Bob Dodds 2006
Dr. Patt Dodds 2017
Dollar General Literacy Foundation 2009 Terri and Barry Dowell 2022
Dutch and Billie Duttweiler 1995
Eva Ann and James Elmer 2016
F and M Bank and Trust 2010
Farmers Savings Bank 2016
Roland Fichtenkort Estate – Bernard, Charles and James Fichtenkort 1999
First Community Bank, FSB 2015
Fort Madison Community Hospital 2017
Four Seasons Excavation and Landscaping, Inc. 2015
Ean and Dendra Freels 2016
Dean A. Frost Estate 2006
Dr. and Mrs. R. Gene Gardner 2000
Thomas P. Gardner – George R. Gardner Foundation 2004
Olive V. Garrett Estate 2018
Golden Eagle Distributing Co. 2004
Timothy R. Gray 2016
Great River Health Systems, Inc. 1998
Great River Friends 2017
Great Western Bank 2016
Greater Burlington Partnership 2015
Diane and James Hankes 2017
Harmony Community School District 2017
Robert J. Hartman 2006
Ivan and Bonnie Hasselbusch 2016
Thomas W. Hayes 2020
Sandra L. Heagle in memory of Glen L. Heagle 2016
Chris and Philip E. Hecht 2019
Craig and Marcy Heckenberg 2022
Miss Grace Henke Estate 2001
Margaret Henke Memorial 1987
Alice Marie Heynen Estate – Robert Mapes 2000
Lanny and Dana Hillyard 2015
HNI Charitable Foundation 2006
Evelyn Hodges Memorial 2022
James and Lee Hodges Memorials – Evelyn Hodges 2008
Mike Hoffman in honor of Dorothy Hoffman 2016
Jay and Joyce Holley 2021
Dr. Charles W. Holmes 2019
Ruth Gulden and Charles Sophus Holsteen Memorial 1993
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Holsteen 2000
Huffman Welding and Machine, Inc. 2015
Leeanne Humiston 2022
Harold W. and Mary Esther Hutchcroft Trust 2000
Lucia L. Hutchcroft 2017
Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation for Education 2017
Ideal Ready Mix Inc./Johnson Holding Co. – Mike and Cristy Schmidt 2015
Iowa State Penitentiary 2020
JD Byrider 2018
Jet Gas Corporation 2016
Dr. Jerry L. and Debra J. Jochims 2015
Fred Karre Memorial – Rose Marie Karre and Family 2005
Keokuk Area Community Foundation 2020
Keokuk Area Hospital Auxiliary 2021
Keokuk Business and Professional Women’s Club 2017
Kiddie Korner at ISP 2017
KILJ, Inc – Paul and Joyce Dennison 2012
Debi Kinney Memorial – Randall L. Kinney 2010
Burlington Kiwanis Activities Corp. 2007
John C. Korschgen – State Farm 2019
Sandy Krell-Andre 2015
John F. Larson 2019
Lee County Health Scholarship Foundation 2012
Lee County Youth Services 2010
Gloria Lehmann 2015
Don and Doris Leimer 2016
Jerry and Pam Leimer 2016
LiquiGrow Twin State, Inc. 2011
Richard M. Loghry 2017
Dolores Markey 2016
Honorable Judge Richard P. Matsch 2008
Robert C. Matsch 2007
Lawrence W. and Marilyn Matteson 2012
Neill McKee and Clark County Pharmacy 2000
Clark County Pharmacy – Mr. Neill McKee 2019
Suzanne H. Messer 2014
David and Inez Metzger 2016
MidWestOne Bank 2015
MidWestOne Bank Foundation 2015
David and Gretchen Miller 2015
Kenny Miller Bequest – Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company 2015
Mary Moore and John Schuldt 2012
Moudy Nabulsi and Sharon Scholl-Nabulsi 2012
George L. Norman 2003
Scott and Michelle Peck 2018
Mrs. Charles (Elizabeth H.) Peters 2011
Dr. Ellen Peterson 2018
Larry E. Pierce 2018
Pinnacle Foods Corp. 2017
Potowonok Circle of King’s Daughters 2021
Dorthea Powell Estate 2002
Homer C. A. Powell Estate 2002
Chris and Dan Prellwitz 2018
Christin L. Pritchard 2018
Jim and Dana Rheinschmidt 2015
Donald M. Roasa 2016
Bill and Mary Roberts 2020
Mason Roberts Memorial 2021
Brian and Lois Roth and family 2016
Charles and Rebecca Rump 2007
SCC Alumni Association 2016
Fred and Gwen Scholer 2012
William C. Schwerin and Debra Watson 2018
Martin Ray Scott Memorial 2022
Shottenkirk, Inc. 2015
The Harold W. Siebens Charitable Foundation, Inc. 2015
Dr. Beverly Simone 2010
Dr. Koert and Rebecca Smith 2016
Helen and Gerald D. Smith 2019
Southeast Iowa Pigeon Club 2004
Scott and Cindy Spear 2017
Standard of Beaverdale 2016
Irvin and Ruth Stein 1993
F. L. Stewart Charitable Trust 1992
US Bank Foundation 2022
USG Foundation, Inc. 2016
Vista Bakery, Inc./Lance Foundation/Snyder’s-Lance 1994
Dick Wagner 2007
Sheila Waldorf 2003
Loren Walker Memorial – Audrey Walker and Family 2000
Charles E. Walsh / FandM Bank and Trust 2017
Donald M. Walters Memorial 2016
Don and Lori Weiss 2022
Dan and Marcia Wiedemeier 2015
Joan M. Williams 2016
Dennis Wilson 2015
Joseph M. Wilt Memorial – Kim Wilt 1991
Sherry and Dave Zeller 2015

1982 to 6/30/22 (Cumulative)
$5,000 – $9,999

A.A.U.W. – Keokuk Branch 2016
Dr. Michael and Michelle AbouAssaly 2018
Acuity Financial Inc. – Curtis and Josh Cloke 2016
Dr. Tim Ahern 2010
Charles E. Albright 2012
Alliant Energy / Alliant Foundation, Inc. 2004
Alliant Energy Trees Forever 2018
Alter Metal Recycling 2007
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Armstrong in memory of James Mullahy 1998
Automatic Vending Service 1990
Bonnie J. Bachman in memory of Chad Bachman 2011
Gwen Baker 2004
Sarah H. and Daniel Beckman 2019
BHS Class of 1954 in honor of Dr. Edward C. Stone 2013
Steve Bice 1999
Blackhawk Booster Club 2000
James C. Bowles 2016
Keith and Ruth Ann Boyer 2016
Michael A. and Mary Brockman 2013
Michelle A. Brown 2019
Richard T. Brown 1993
In memory of Everett and Dorothy Burkhiser of Danville by Family 2011
Burlington Basket Company 2005
Burlington Fine Arts League 2018
Burlington Trailways 2016
Daniel E. Cahill 2016
Daniel and Leanne Carr 2015
Gary and Donna Carr 2015
Terry and Barb Carroll 2016
Michelle and Jesse Caston 2017
Dana Chrisman 2013
Charles R. Chrisman 2016
Ronna M. and Bob Cline 2019
MacArther Coffin II 2015
Sandra Cornish 2016
Delta Kappa Gamma Society 2016
Dr. Anil Dhuna and Sadhna Jani / Neurology and Sleep Clinic, PLC 2016
Betty J. Dodds 2021
Dodds Insurance, Inc. – Mort Dodds 1992
Dr. Patt Dodds 2010
Ronald and Minnie Dooley 2014
Barry and Terri Dowell 2015
Dresser-Rand 2014
Susan W. Dunek 2016
DuPont Imaging Technologies 2016
Carolyn Edwards – in memory of Tim Edwards 2012
Lena Faigle 2004
First Congregational Church of Keokuk 1995
Fisher Metals and Recycling 2009
Fort Madison Community Hospital 2012
Frank Millard and Co., Inc. 2018
Ean N. Freels 2014
Beverly B. and Walter Gadau Memorial – Beth Gadau-Papahronis 2002
Russ and Amy Glasgow in memory of James Glasgow, Sr. 2016
Timothy R. Gray in honor of Larry E. and Mildred Gray 2015
Great River Friends 2016
Great River Oncology 2008
Great Western Bank 2015
Ruth A. Griffiths 2020
Bill and Shelby Gullick 2021
Thomas M. Haas 2016
Hamilton-Walters Marine Corps 2022
Richard Hanke 2010
James and Diane Hankes 2015
The Hawk Eye 2004
Thomas Hayes 2015
Phil and Chris Hecht 2015
H. J. Heinz Company Foundation 1992
Grace K. Henke 2001
Mike W. Hickey 2020
Monica Hinkle 2011
Mike Hoffman 2017
Charles W. Holmes 2018
David R. Hols 2018
Dr. Nancy Holsteen Lerner 1993
Gary Hoyer 2018
Bruce Huddleson 2014
Leeanne and Rick Humiston 2014
Kim and John Hunsaker 2019
Lucia L. Hutchcroft 2012
Jane A. Delano Nurses Association 2021
Gerald Johnson 2012
Norman Johnson 2012
Teresa E. Johnson 2012
Keokuk Area Hospital Auxiliary 2019
Kiddie Korner at ISP – Steven Frasier-Bey 2010
Kohl’s 2019
Donald L. Krekel 2018
John F. Larson 2017
Dr. Nancy H. and Samuel Lerner 2020
Richard M. Loghry 2008
Joseph S. Lounsbury – in memory of Tim Edwards 2012
Doug and Anna Martin 2016
Mrs. Charles (Marie) Matsch 2007
Kathleen A. McPherson 2006
Ann Menke 2018
Mississippi Valley Callers Association 2007
Mohrfeld Electric, Inc. 2022
Jill and Matt Mohrfeld 2022
Colleen (Mullahy) and Roger Armstrong in memory of James Mullahy 1997
Dr. Cindy and Tom Murphy 2018
Northwestern Bell Telephone 1988
Joe and Amy O’Brien 2015
Elizabeth A. Oldfield 2015
Jim and Mary Olson 2016
Optimist Club of Burlington and West Burlington 2020
Pauline Ortega 2020
Beth Papahronis 2020
Ms. Laurine Paule 1997
Peevler Real Estate 2018
Dr. Ellen Peterson 2006
Jill and John Peterson 2022
Larry Pierce 2017
Potowonok Circle of King’s Daughters 2013
Chris and Dan Prellwitz 2016
QC Auto Sales Inc./JD Byrider – Davenport 2017
Qwest 1989
Dana and Chip Readinger 2022
Dr. Rohini Reganti in honor of Dr. Reddy S. Reganti 2004
Joyce E. Ring – in memory of Daniel A. Ring 2009
Robberts, Kirkman and Engler LLLP 2016
Jack J. Rogers 2017
Roquette America, Inc. 2022
Brian and Lois Roth 2015
Rushmore Pain and Medicine, Inc 2015
SCC Blackhawk Motor Sports Club 2022
SCC Human Services Club 2014
SCC Student Senate 1988
SCC Students for Peace Club 2013
Gary and Pam Schmeiser 2016
Marion M. Schmidt Charitable Remainder Trust 2003
Scholl Real Estate – Sharon Scholl-Nabulsi 2007
Kristi A. Schroeder 2017
Barbara and John Schulz 2017
William Schwerin and DebraWatson 2017
Janet and Stephen Shepherd 2021
Becky and Jerry Sherwood 2017
Gerald and Helen Smith 2018
Southeastern Community College 2010
State Central Bank 1992
James Steffen 2022
Jerilynn M. Stevenson 2011
Karen M. Stotlar 2016
Anthony Tallarico Estate 1999
Frances Tallarico Estate 2001
United Cities Gas Company 1996
Craig Upton 2014
US Bank Foundation 2020
Valley Distribution Corporation 2016
Wal-Mart Foundation 2006
Carl John Walstrom in memory of Bob King 1996
Jeff and Nan Walters 2022
Timothy Weaver 2018
Westland Mall Management 1990
Wheeler’s Express Parts 2000
Byron Whittlesey 2016
Jan K. Wolbers 2016
Cathy and Paul Ziglar 2020

Contributors to the Southeastern Community College Foundation in FY22
July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022
Gift of $1,000 – $4,999 (07/01/21 to 06/30/22)

Todd and Kerry Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Allen
American Legion of Iowa Foundation
Gene and Joy Anderson
Dr. Michael and Beth Ash
John and Janet Austin
Dr. Bonnie J. Bachman
Bart Howard Foundation, Inc
Dar and Jerry Baum
Sarah and Daniel Beckman
Keith and Ruth Ann Boyer
Ed and Jeanene Breitenstein
Mary and Michael Brockman
Catfish Bend Casinos II, LLC
Scott Cavanah
Deery Brothers
Mrs. Betty J. Dodds
Dr. Patt Dodds
Terri and Barry Dowell
F and M Bank and Trust
First Interstate Bank
Flint Cliffs Manufacturing
Lindsay and John Fruehling
Steve and Kathy Gabel
Bill and Shelby Gullick
David R. Hols
Lucia L. Hutchcroft
Mary Esther Hutchcroft Trust
KILJ, Inc – Paul and Joyce Dennison
Mr. Randall Kinney
Kiwanis Activities Corp
John F. Larson Jr.
Mrs. Gloria J. Lehmann
David and Bonnie Linquist
John D. Lundgren
Beth and Matthew Mohrfeld
Jill and Michael Mohrfeld
Mary J. Moore
Bonnie and Tim Peevler
John and Jill Peterson
Potowonok Circle of King’s Daughters
Susan and Kyle Reid
Jim and Dana Rheinschmidt
Roquette America, Inc.
Lois Roth
Mary Eipert and Steven Rowland
SCC Alumni Association
Connie L. Schleif
Bryan and Jane Schulte
Dr. Janet Shepherd
Evan Smith
Gerald D. Smith
Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center Auxiliary
Terry and Beverly Strah
Joan Williams
Joel and Becky Zwanziger

Gift of $500 – $999 (07/01/21 to 06/30/22)

American Eyecare, PC
Mr. Brian Baker
Brockway Mechanical and Roofing
Mrs. Judy.Brueck
Kevin and Liz Carr
Chuck and Dana Chrisman
Michael and Teresa Colgan
CPA Associates PC
Paula and Joe Dejesus
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Des Moines County Agricultural Extension
Kiryn Evans
Farmers Savings Bank
Daniele Ferrari
Janet Fife-Lafrenz
Marilyn L Fincher
Frank Millard and Co., Inc.
Greater Burlington Partnership
Ruth A Griffiths
Ruth Ann Griggs
Hamilton-Walters Marine Corps League Det. 616
Laurie A. Hempen
Dana and Lanny Hillyard
Bill and Marcia Hutson
Iowa State Penitentiary
Jane A Delano Nurses Association
Val and Chip Giannettino
Col. Dr. Andrew and Susan Kious
Tim and Candy Licko
Dr. and Mrs. Michael McCoy
Mechanical Contractors Assoc of Iowa, Inc.
Menke and Company, CPA PC
Mississippi Valley Publishing Co., Inc.
Mohrfeld Electric, Inc.
Dr. Kumar Mullangi
Steve and Tracy Nelson
Laurine and Milton Paule
Christine Plunkett
Prugh Funeral Service, Inc.
Chip and Dana Readinger
Jared Reed
Reid’s Landscapes and Turf Inc.
Timothy Reuschel
Nancy Roed
Dr. Matt Ruhl
Charles and Rebecca Rump
Carolyn S. Schaefer
Shive-Hattery Group, Inc
Southeast Iowa Antique Car Club
Standing Bear Council Inc.
James Steffen
Angela and Tyler Stratton
Kendall Stratton
Susan Lynn Mimura and Associates PLLC
Mr. Joseph P. Tonkinson
Two Rivers Bank and Trust
Sandra Wasson
Timothy Weaver
World Insurance
Tina Young

Gift of $250 – $499 (07/01/21 to 06/30/22)

Arnold Refrigeration, Inc
Axalta Coating Systems
Tom and Pam Broeker
Michelle A. Brown
Amy and Jeffrey Burkhart
John and Annette Bybee
Robert and Ronna Cline
Mr. Curtis Cloke
Janine Clover
Ryan and Tamara Coffin
Jeff and Dawn Ebbing
Gene and Sherri Enke
Leonard and Sylvia Harvey
Jeff and Cindy Heland
Kathleen M. Hodges
Lisa Hunter
Iowa Wesleyan University
James Kammerer
Pam and Jerry Leimer
Dennis Marino
Regina Mealey
Tamika Miller
Paula A. Myers
Ms. Pauline Ortega
Cindy L. Shireman
Tim Van Ginkel
Ed and Pat Whitmore
Brenda Wilkins
Mrs. Carol A. Zaiser
Zaiser’s Landscaping, Inc.

Gift of $100 – $249 (07/01/21 to 06/30/22)

Teresa Adair
Greg Akers
Charles E. Albright
Sandra J Allgood
Alpha Delta Kappa
AmazonSmile Foundation
Alicia M. Anderson
Kathy M. Asbury
Richard and Lois Bailey
Chad and Sally Bird
Mr. William A. Bloomberg
Michael and Vicki Bredar
Stephen and Dianna Burden
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bush
Mr. Robert Cardoni
James and Christi Cary
John and Paulette Cavanah
Sarah and Larry Crabtree
Brittony Cummings
Shelley Davis
Glen Day
Robert Dengler
Mrs. Minnie Dooley
Ms. Meghan D’Souza
Lisa and Greg Duke
Mrs. Eva Ann Elmer
Jane Evans and Rick Buller
Polly Falcon
Tony and Lynn Fedler
Diana Fincher-Smith
George T. Floyd
Jon and Cindy Fye
Jonathan Gaddis
Charles Jon Garst
Val and Chip Giannettino
Megan Gleeson
Tim and Tina Goodwin
Karina and Jason Green
Mrs. Jane E. Gustafson
Thomas M. Haas
Dr. Debra Hagen
Arthur Hazell
Joan Hazell
Kimberly J. Hinson
Christina Holtkamp
Trisha Hopper
Bruce Huddleson
Christy Jameson
Lisa and John Jennison
Andrea and Tom Johanns
Emily P. Johnson
Mindy and Jay Johnson
John and Mary Ann Jordahl
Joseph and Brenda Karre
Mr. Tom Karre
Tammy Kimmel
Julia M. Kirk
Craig and Stephanie Kozlowski
Diane and Larry Kroll
Lee County Economic Development Group, Inc
Larry and Carol Lindhart
Mrs. A.T. Lunning
Holly Luttenegger
Andrea and Leo Mahoney
McCann Mechanical, Inc.
Sibyl McIntire
Barbara McRoberts
Ms. Imogene Mitts
Dr. Jack and Jan Moore
Cynthia and Virgil Morris
Dr. Forest Morrisett
Mrs. Marjorie Nenninger
Mary and James Olson
Jerry and Lin Parks
Pam Peterson
Carol and William Peugh
Linda and John Phillips
Dr. Rahmat Rahmat
Adam C. Raub
David Reif
Rick Buller Financial Services LLC
Elyce Riney
Brian and Liz Ross
Brenda K. Rubey
Jeff and Cathy Rucker
Amber D. Ruskell-Lamer
SCC Respiratory Care Club
Karl and Sarah Schaefer
Kristi Schroeder
Seither and Cherry Services, Inc
Stacy Sells
Debbie Shaffer
Lindsey N. Simpson
Barbara and Mark Smidt
Stephani S. Smith
Jessica Snowden
Angela Sodey
Dr. Ashlee Spannagel
Stephani + Co. Consulting
Mrs. Jerilynn Stevenson
Douglas F. Stewart
Michael Swink
T.F. Ehrhart Company
Joanne Taeger
Titan Broadcasting and Digital Group
Lee Wibbell
Randy and Heather Winegard
S. Renee Workman
Jill and Brian Wunderlich
Renee Wunnenberg
Sau Kuen Yam
David Yotter
David and Sherry Zeller
Cathy Ziglar

Gift of $1 – 99 (07/01/21 to 06/30/22)

Douglas P. Abel
Charles and Jane Abell
Stacey Abell
Joshua Agnew
Eric and Lisa Algrim
Donald K Aliprandi
Brian Wolgeuth and Monica Allen
Chris and Judy Ball
Stefanie Ball
Martha Bell
Becky and Scott Bessine
Kari Bevans
Mitty and Jon Billups
Rachel Boyd
Richard and Janice Brewer
Ronald K. Brewer
Mary and Tom Brust
Darcy Burdette
Charles F. Burm
Anita Busse
Rex and Kim Byers
Wesley D. Carpenter
Betty Jean Carter
Ms. Linda L. Clark
Susan and Merle Coffey
Kim Coffin Johnson and Donald V. Johnson
Larisa V. Conner
Jodi Cook
Sandra L. Cornick
Kalleen Cutts
Rebecca DeLang
Dennis Dietzman
Shelley and Nick Dirth
Amy Drew
Jenna Dunlap
John and Dawn Dunnegan
Monica and Matthew Eisenmann
Deanne Enderle
Nicole Farrell
Melinda S. Featheringill
Emma Ferguson
Jim and Susan Ferrell
Phyllis Fisher
Rita and Curtis Flatt
Beth and K.C. Fleming
Melissa Flores
Sarah Foxall
Steve and Lucia Francis
Ryan and Shauna Freitag
Dino Ganakes
James and Virginia Garnjobst
Tyler Gaston
Linda Giffin
Julie Goudie
James and Elsie Grisolano
Joshua Gunnison
Hayley and Justin Hamelton
Mary V. Hartwell
Larry and Maureen Heath
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hendrichsen
Julie Ann and Hatter Hensley
Abby Herriman
Jeremy Hess
Breydn Hill
Dennis and Monica Hinkle
Tammy Hobbs
Marlene Holsteen
Kelly Huber
Leeanne Humiston
James Hunt
Michael and Anne Hunter
Timothy Hunter
JJD Contracting Co Inc.
Shannon Johnson
Tina Keane
Brenda Kempker
Amerika Kies
Deanna Kline
Kohl’s Cares
Randy and Anne Komadino
Kelli Larson
Jeffrey and Amy Laue
DiAnne Lerud-Chubb
Jeron J. Lindsay
Donna Logan
G. Pauline Lowther
Fran Mapel
Shirley A. Martin
Sara and Robert Masden
Melody and Floyd Maynard
Brian McAtee
Stacy McCampbell
Dawn and Chad McCune
Robert Mcinerny
Rodney and Connie Mesecher
Julie J. Meyer
Monica Mundt
Kerry Murray
Brandy Myers
Loretta and Richard Palmer
Lisa and Scott Palmer
Florence Paterno
Diane Pepple
Mark Pfaffe
Barbara Pickard
Mr. Mike Pierson
Richard and Linda Rehman
Letha and Clifford Reif
Taylor Reusch
Ann Reynolds
Erin Roberts
J. Cole Roberts
Jay Roth
Philip and Marsha Rowan
Don and Joan Sandell
Steven and Diane Sanders
Sandra K. Sandy
Jacob and Kelli Scheitlin
Jaime Schrader
Justin Schulte
Mr. Keith D. Schulz
Sarah Schwartz
Dr. Christopher Sedlack
Joan D. Sharp
Becky and Jerry Sherwood
Dawn and Matt Shinn
Carol Smith
Ronnie and Kim Smith
Dr. Carl R. Snipes
Elisabeth A. Snipes
Debbie Spears
Patricia Staub
Carrie Sunden
Linda Sutcliffe
Steven Swanner
Harold and Garnett Swanson
Kevin Teno
Alice and Henry Thie
Trisha K. Thomann
TisBest Philanthropy
Jeanie Titus
Linda and Larry Turley
Thomas and Joyce Vance
Michelle Vandenberg
Randy Wachter
Brian Wagner
Kelly Walker
Lisa T. Walsh
Brenda Wamsley
Lorenzo Watkins
Michael and Deedee Weicher
John Weir
Tiffany West
Byron Whittlesey
Rex Widmer
Shane M. Wiley
William V. Windsor
Alisa J. Winsauer
Carlene D. Woodside
Doug and Jan Worden
Wari and Bruce Workman
Deborah Yuskis-Mulch
Barbara and Jeffrey Zotz

Bonnie (Wilson) Bachman
Sandra Buckman Cornish
Jim and Eva Ann Elmer
Richard Hanke
Randall and Debra Kinney
Lawrence and Marilyn Matteson
Dr. Cindy and Thomas Murphy
Moudy and Sharon Nabulsi
Charles and Rebecca Rump
Dr. Koert and Rebecca Smith
Eugene Douglas Shaw
Joseph Tonkinson
Sheila Waldorf
Lisa Walsh
David Wiemer
Denny Wilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wirt

Terry Strother
Jennifer Klever-Kirkman
Ashley and Greg Shottenkirk
Mary Moore
Dave Wiemer
Happy Joes Pizza

We wish to acknowledge gifts received in memory of the following individuals
made 07/01/21 to 06/30/22:

MacArthur Coffin
Susan Alice Diehl
Jody Deery
Betty Dodds
Ron Dooley
Ronald Ellerhoff
Evelyn Hodges
Jay Holley
Dianne Huddleson
Debi Kinney
Al Lunning
Doris Nelson
Martin Ray Scott
Joan Shadley
Ted Upton
Stephen Wasson
Eileen Winegard

Southeastern Community College Foundation audited financials 2021-2022
Assets: $16,375,654
Liabilities: $2,627.608
Net Assets: $13,748,046
Revenues: $2,487,497
Expenses: $3,108,939
Net Assets July 1, 2021: $14,369,488
Net Assets June 30, 2022: $13,748,046
Change in Net Assets: -$621,442
Grants and Scholarships Awarded: $2,849,268