Busy Bee Everlee

Each year, SCC proudly recognizes ambitious graduating high school seniors who manage to complete their SCC degree. The dedication it takes to tackle both high school and college courses by the end of their senior year is impressive.

Then there’s Everlee Harvey.

She took the opportunity head on and made Central Lee High School history by earning her associate of science degree before completing her junior year. And because it was within reach, she completed her second degree by December.

Everlee encourages students to take concurrent enrollment courses.

“You not only get to expand your knowledge, but you also get the real feel of college classes,” she stated, adding, “It saves you so much money – which parents love to hear – and it allows you to get a jump start.”

What’s more, Everlee earned her degrees without ever setting foot in an SCC classroom. She took every class online.

SCC’s concurrent enrollment program allows high school students to earn college credit tuition-free. One online credit class for in-state students at SCC costs $200. In Everlee’s case, with 65 credits on her transcript, that’s $13,000 in savings in tuition alone. If she had waited to start her college journey at Iowa State University fresh out of high school, she would have had to shell out approximately $40,000.

Why compare to Iowa State? That’s where Everlee will transfer this fall.

“My plans are to attend Iowa State University to complete my bachelor’s in animal science,” she shared, “then apply to the veterinarian program.”

Somehow, between high school classes, college courses, softball, Phi Theta Kappa, 4-H, and other volunteer work, Everlee has found time to get started on this career path with internships.

“I have an internship through Shannon Veterinary Clinic in West Point, and Parkview Veterinary Clinic in Fort Madison where I get to watch surgeries and hold the animals when they get vaccinations. I also help customers and learn how a veterinarian clinic runs,” she explained.

How does she do it all? Careful planning.

“I found pleasure in keeping a planner and really learning how to manage my time.”

She described in detail how she looked ahead to see what each week held for her and plotted how to spend her time to accomplish her work.

“Everlee has a drive like no one we’ve seen,” mother Tonya shared. “When she sets goals, she works hard and doesn’t give up.”

Students and parents interested in learning more about concurrent enrollment classes should visit with their high school counselor.

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