Blackhawk Sports Shootinghits the mark with local talent

When SCC added Sports Shooting to its repertoire of athletic teams in 2015,
SCC instructor Tim Weaver was excited to take on the position of head coach.

“We realized that talented, local students wanted to go to a college that had
a shooting team, and their only option was to move away,” he explained. “We
wanted to provide that opportunity to students right here.”

Now in its sixth year, the program has already seen great success. In fact,
the team placed second in the 2-year college, 16-yard class at their last ACUI
national tournament in San Antonio, an event which draws many of the wellknown
NCAA Division I schools.

In a typical year, the team is made up of 18-20 student athletes.
First-year Assistant Coach Nicole Morris spent three years on the team.

“My experience on the team truly changed my life. It introduced me to a
community that cheers each other on, checks in on your progress, and gives
you the confidence to push yourself hard toward your goals.”

Paralyzed as a baby, Morris underwent multiple surgeries and now walks
with a limp that affects her balance and ability to participate in traditional,
more physical sports.

“Sports shooting impacted my full college experience because I am an
athlete now. Before, I never saw sports in my future. Trap shooting is seriously
for anyone, any age, and for me with my disability.”

Along with being an assistant coach under head coach Weaver’s lead, Morris
is the assistant head coach for the Danville Trap Shooting Team.

Weaver is proud of each of his students and said the sport adds value for
students at SCC.

“Sports shooting is great for SCC because it is inviting for students who
haven’t participated in more typical sports. It’s for anybody with any range of
experience. Some of our students have never done trap shooting, and others
competed nationally before they landed here.”

The team uses the Tri-State Gun Club in Montrose for practices and meets.
They play a split season against college teams across Iowa, with meets taking
place between August and November, then again March through May.

Eleven of Iowa’s fifteen community colleges now have sports shooting teams,
making for challenging competition.

Challenging, but not impossible.

In the first half of the 2021-2022 season, the team has only lost once.
With just that one loss so far this year, Weaver has high expectations for the

“We’ve got a talented group. I think you’ll find us at the ICCAC state
championships in April.”

To learn more about Blackhawk sports shooting, contact Weaver at
(319) 208-5111 or

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