Free Yourself to be Yourself

Summer is the season of life. It’s when the natural world is in full growth mode. Warmed by the sun, landscapes are awash in color, gardens at their maximum bounty, and opportunities to explore and enjoy our world abound. Summer makes real the potential of the seedlings entrusted to it by spring for all to see and appreciate.

In this edition of the Vision, we see how SCC seeks to follow summer’s miraculous lead. We read how our agriculture studies department is preparing the next generation of responsible, innovative stewards of our natural resources; we see how providing the right conditions to nurture talent yields excellence in the form of a national championship; we learn how our alumni have contributed to the health and education of everyone in our community; we read how an innovative partnership will open doors for more students and strengthen our region; and we even meet a centenarian who embodies the Blackhawk spirit and charted his own course to success and influence.

Now, as the days shorten, the high temps subside, and everyone settles into a familiar routine, we at SCC again set about our work of cultivating another class of seedling students helping them to blossom into the talented people we can see, even if they don’t quite see themselves that way yet.

Dr. Michael Ash

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