Century Club a Bridge to Student Success

Supporting our alma mater is how we ensure
that the school that helped shape us can do so for
generations to come.

SCC has been helping people find and make their
way for 100 years, and now we’re dedicating ourselves
to another 100 years through the Century Club.
While hundreds of area residents support SCC
scholarships and initiatives every year, giving
patterns and practices have changed. Different from
a one-time gift, Century Club members donate via a
recurring donation through a credit card, debit card,
or bank account.

“It’s not always easy to make a lump sum donation,”
says SCC Executive Director of Institutional
Advancement Val Giannettino. “Century Club
members give whatever is right for them – $5, $25,
$100 – in the way that works best for them, including
monthly or quarterly. Even a donation of $5 per month
makes an impact over time.”

Members can make one-time donations as well.
Century Club funds will support initiatives to
recruit and retain students, including student needs
that don’t qualify for existing financial support.

Donors who join by June 30, 2021 will be considered
charter members and receive a special gift.

For more information, visit scciowa.edu/give or
call (319) 208-5062.

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