Something Worth Celebrating

When we’re young, we look forward to a life full of possibilities. As we get older, we find ourselves looking back at all those possibilities we turned into realities and, paired with the benefit of life experience, use them as inspiration to realize new possibilities we couldn’t see before. That is where the college finds itself today as we prepare to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2020.

Time is a train that makes the future the past. When administrators boarded the train and registered that first class of 44 students at then-Burlington Junior College in 1920, I doubt even the most visionary among them could have imagined the thousands more that would follow. The train moved to the next station when Keokuk Community College opened its doors in 1953, and yet again when both colleges merged in 1967. Today, we’re full-steam ahead.

In this edition of the Vision, we see how SCC strives to live up to our founders’ vision and honor their legacy. We see how the college is responsibly repurposing facilities for student success, how one alum is bridging the digital divide in his native country, and how SCC is equipping the next generation of leaders. We also honor the many people who believe in our mission so much that they contribute their hard-earned funds so we can continue to serve our students and communities.

While much has changed as we’ve matured into a modern college of two campuses filled with state-of-the-art facilities to prepare students for 21st century jobs, our mission remains the same: serve as a stepping stone for all students to become successful in their careers and lives.

That is something worth celebrating, indeed.

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