From the Archives

Students from Keokuk Campus

CSI trainees or street artists?

Is this a crime scene or art installation?

Although we’re pretty sure no students were harmed during the process, we aren’t taking any chances. This is a call to our collective alumni campus watch super-sleuths in hopes someone can provide a lead to help solve this cold case.

Contact us at (319) 208-5065 or

What happens when we put this thingie in here?

Now that the new Hall of Sciences is open, we dug deep to find a photo of when the “old” John H. Witte, Jr. Science Labs were new in the mid ‘90’s. Here we see SCC students perfecting their scientific method.


Recognize these past future scientists? We’re missing a few eye droppers and test tubes after a recent equipment inventory before moving to the new labs. They may have put them in the wrong drawer.

Contact us at (319) 208-5065 or

Pint-size peeker still unidentified

We asked people to be on the lookout for this incredible shrinking woman. Yet her identity remains a mystery of science.

Telescope 1958-cropped

Still looking for this UFO (Unidentified Female Observer)!
Know her? Tell us!

(319) 208-5065 or

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