“The SCC students who work and shop at my stores tell me that they are excited to enroll at SCC. They choose to go there and it’s not a case of being place-bound. They want to go there because it really prepares them well for life.
They love the new facilities and they get a great education.”

– Cynthia Stiefel-Schuyler, (SCC ‘90)
Owner, Original Cyns and C-Sky

“I toured the new science classroom named after my father Mel Leimer recently. It is just amazing what the original junior college has grown into.

To put this in perspective, the last time I was in the “new science wing” of the school, it was attached to the high school in Keokuk. Since then, the college has moved to the current campus on Messenger Road and the science building there is already old enough that it’s being remodeled! Contrasting all of that history with the new buildings at Keokuk and West Burlington is simply amazing!

Hopefully today’s students are taking full advantage of their facilities.”

– Jerry Leimer, KCC ‘62

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